The Book

Sha Gojyo
9 November 1985
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Zodiac: scorpio
Blood Type:B
Classes: English, Algaebra,History, and psychology basic. Major Psychology.
Bio: Gojyo is a half demon shunned from society for being what he is.He is red hair and yes from his half breed.He is half water demon. He does poses some powers but not like full demons.He was abused by his mother and almost killed by her.He has 2 scars on his cheek from it he was saved by his older brother.His best friend is Hakkai.He saved him and nurse him back to health.He and Goku have a love hate relationship they always fight.He loves sex, smoking, and alcohol and ha yes the ladies.He fights with a staff that has a cresent moon at the end with a chain and a dagger like blade on the other hand.He looked and found his older brother which worked for Kougaij.He and other three Hakkai,Sanzo and goku on a journey west to india to stop Kougaij's father from being released.The demons were killing with no reason cause of it.

This journal is for a LJ Roleplaying game